City Mission Supplementary School

What we do

It Takes A community to raise a Child

Our supplementary school offers extra tuition for pupils aged between 5-11 years who attend mainstream school. They meet in term-time after school and at weekends, and are run by qualified and experienced teachers.

How do we Help

We help young people to increase their understanding, improve their grades and most importantly to build their confidence in learning. We offer formal revision or booster lessons in English, Maths and Science, as well as a range of other subjects not always taught in mainstream school. Join today and speak to ta member of the team for more information.

OTher Subjects
  • ESOL
  • IT
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Trips Away
  • Sports & Fitness

Facts for Parents

Develops English Skills

·         By improving their English and building on their cultural diversity, your child will learn skills that help with their understanding of their home language.

Supports Learning

·         A national survey found that eight out of ten supplementary school pupils said it helped them with their mainstream schoolwork.


·         Attending a supplementary school helps smooth the transition from year 6 to 7.